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Our Philosophy of Organizational Management

At Sound Organizing, LLC, we understand that

•       There is an inverse relationship between extra time and excessive clutter.
•       De-cluttering is not about throwing stuff away – it’s about getting to the root of the issue.
•       Success depends on positive relationship with clients.
•       Most people can achieve ongoing success if empowered with practical skills.
•       Some people struggle with chronic disorganization and will require on-going help.


Your Personal Organizing Professionals   

SHANNON GIVENS     Owner and Professional Organizer

Because my high-energy and expertise helps keep clients assured and motivated, I am particularly adept at working with hoarders, seniors, people with disabilities, and the chronically disorganized. No matter what the client’s organizational issue,I am able to supply ideas and tools that enable clients to “see the light” through the chaos and stay on course.

THERESA HAZARD     Professional Organizer

I move my clients from the havoc and chaos of clutter to a more relaxed home where others methods and organizations have failed. I am patient, caring, and excited to  walk you through the necessary steps to succeed. I work with families, executives, elderly clients, people with volume control issues/hoarders, and those with ADD and CD. I have proven my skills with successful relocations, rightsizing, de-cluttering, and real estate staging.


How long have you been a professional organizer?

Shannon:  Although I graduated with a BFA in photography from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, I have been helping people organize their homes and lives since 2003. And from 2007 to 2010, I apprenticed with Empty Your Nest organizers. I established Sound Organizing, LLC in 2010.

Theresa: I have been a professional organizer with more than 7 years of hands-on experience and 20 plus years of positive customer service.

What is your training?

Shannon:  In addition to training with Empty Your Nest from July 2007 to 2010, I regularly attend conferences and classes, and read numerous books and publications to stay informed on current trends. I am also gifted as someone who loves and excels at organizing and at helping people improve their lives.

Theresa: My previous experience includes working as a contractor with Empty Your Nest, a professional organizing company. As an active certified member with NAPO (National Association for Professional Organizers) and a former member of the NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization) and The Hoarders Task Force, I have professional training consisting of numerous classes in organization, and I continue to educate myself on better ways to serve my clients.

Why did you become a professional organizer?

Shannon:  I have always been an organized person, even in my youth. Recognizing this, my friends and acquaintances began asking me to help them with their spring cleaning and with organizing their homes.  Eventually, I realized I could have a career helping others as a professional organizer.

The greatest reward is when I see clients’ faces light up, they say, “Thank you!” or they tell me how I have changed their life.

Theresa:  I became an organizer because I understand how emotionally-heavy clutter can be. A clear space is powerful as it invites creativity and allows for freedom from stuff.

What are your hobbies?

Shannon:  I enjoy photography, arts and crafts, traveling, hiking, and backpacking.

Theresa:  My hobbies include cycling, skiing, walking, gardening, and working on home improvement projects.

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